Personnel Transportation

CELESTIAL  GROUP is a specialist Staff Transportation and group transfer operators in Qatar. With a fleet of well-maintained buses, our company is enjoying the privilege of serving the corporate customers and tourism agencies With a portfolio of national and international customers, we have grown and in our garage waits 120 vehicles to take you and your business to places. Apollo’s most valued assets are the employees constantly undergo technologically advanced training sessions headed by experts in the field.

You Are Safe

Our Drivers have years of experience in providing an innovative and unique chauffeur service to the Qatar public, The Driver felt that a dynamic and unique transport service was required, whereby you call us when you need a designated driver! We are registered with Qatari Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to outsource Drivers to customers and transport them to their destinations in the safety of their own cars.

Chauffeur opening Limo car door. Isolated against white.

Our Advantages

Hot favorites to Insurance companies

Zero Accidents Record since incorporation, making us hot favorites to Insurance companies.

An unused document, but still we maintain it

Full insurance coverage for vehicles, passengers and drivers.

Sit back and Enjoy

Experienced Indian drivers with high safety and service awareness that care for your life and happiness.

Your travelling billboard

Options for branding our vehicles with your company name and logo.

Nights are always young

24 X 7 Service commitment. You sleep…we don’t.


We serve across the whole state of Qatar.

Our Facilities

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    Staff Transportation

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    Hotel Transportation

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    Group PickUp /Drop Transport

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    Annual /Monthly Transportation

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    School Transportation

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    Airport Transportation

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    Picnic Transportation

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    Labours Transportation


Take the freedom to choose from a wide range of services we offer including vehicles on lease without drivers.

Our Standards

The Qatari Government has improved the standard of driving on Qatar’s roads by tightening the laws with regards to dangerous driving and making the roads some of the best in the Middle East and the developed world. Despite the progress, a danger still faced by road users is driving under the Influence.We therefore also assist the authorities with their goal of making Doha roads even safer.

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