Who Are We

Our customers are typically importers, trading companies and downstream manufacturers. They are fully engaged with running their businesses on a day-to-day basis in the geography they serve. They concentrate on developing their downstream markets and manage and improve local customer relationships.


It has been made for thousands of years; the earliest known occurrence of Plywood was in ancient Egypt around 3500 BC. The best existing range in plywood from Grade ‘A’ to ‘D’. Some of the best experienced brands such as ‘KingDo’ the strongest Plywood and ‘KingPlex’ strongest film faced Plywood and others at affordable prices.

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Malaysian Commercial Plywood

The most common type of plywood used in a multitude of general purpose applications, reaching from furniture manufacturing, interior decoration, container floors, packing materials. The core of the materials is dependent on the sourcing country and the local timber species available. Malaysia and Indonesia supply typically hardwood plywood. From China we are importing Chinese hardwood based panels, but also supply combi core and poplar core panels. Additionally, high quality birch plywood is sourced in Europe or China, the latter based on imported species.

Film Faced Plywood

Is used for concrete shuttering and construction work. The film on face and back is impregnated with phenolic glue to avoid moisture from the concrete to seep into the panels. Depending on the quality of the plywood panels and experience of the crews on the worksites, the panels may be used between 2 and 12 times. The core material is hardwood, birch, combi core or poplar. We manufacture in China, Malaysia, Indonesia.