Vision Real Estate

is a customer satisfaction focused and driven Our goal is to build a reputation as the market leader in commercial and luxury real estate, and we believe that we will get there on the strength of our innovative approach, dedicated professionalism and the unsurpassed quality of our customer service.

Vision Real Estate

Our Vision

To be the agent of choice for anyone considering buying, selling or renting a property in Dubai. To provide an outstanding level of service to our clients, making each property transaction a pleasurable experience.We believe in believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clients in order to always be their agent of choice. 50% of our business will come from recommendations and referrals by delivering exceptional service.

Vision Real Estate Business Steps

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    Property Valuation

    Let expert agents take a look at your property and determine the highest achievable rent in line with market rents. Our experience will guarantee that your property won’t stand empty for long.This is why we consistently achieve the asking price across all our client’s properties.

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    Choose an agent

    Upon choosing VISION you can count on a professional team, which will work hard for you seven days a week to market your property via our web-site, all major property portals, as well as our extensive client network.

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    Clean & prepare

    The more presentable a property the more rent it will fetch. As Qatar market is maturing, tenants have become more discerned. Therefore make sure you have your property professionally cleaned inside out, after checking for any required maintenance (including plumbing and A/C) and repair work have it painted – properly.

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    Market the property

    Too often you find properties advertised where image and the individual property don’t match. We will put together an honest description of your property highlighting its selling points and include photos showing it in its best light.

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    Our licensed agents will take potential tenants around your property at a time it suits them. Meaning we’re available during evenings and weekends as well, when most have time. We don’t just send anyone but an agent with in-depth knowledge on your property, prospective tenants are less likely to lease a property via an agency which looks like they have no idea what they are talking about.

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    Negotiate an offer

    Keeping your minimum requirements in mind we will try and get you the best offer. However, if we feel that the property will move slowly i.e. in an area of low demand/oversupply we may suggest you to be flexible with the numbers of cheques for example, reducing rent can also be an option if there is a risk of the property standing empty for too many months.

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    Agreeing to let

    Once you agree to the offer, we will collect a security deposit from the prospective tenant.

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    Tenant screening

    We will then vet the interested party; ask for passport with residency visa and the case of a company, their company license and passport and residence visa of the head of the company. Of course our agent dealing with the tenant will also be able to give you his personal feedback on how they came across i.e. likely to look after your property.

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    Signing tenancy agreement

    We will provide you and the tenant with a draft contract and should there be any additional conditions to be added by either party will do so accordingly. The contract will also feature who is going to look after the maintenance of the property and the number of rent payments to be made. We will collect either the full amount or the rent cheques and pass them on to you and hand over the keys to the tenant. Either he/she or us will connect KAHRAMAA and district cooling where applicable.

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    Your return on investment

    To achieve the highest return on investment, or the one you desire keep in mind to set your rent at a level, which takes into account your annual service fees and any other major repair expenses. We can also advise you on re-investing the money you make on rent.

Our Mission

Our Clients

the most valued part of our business. Our main focus is to deliver outstanding service and build a loyal customer base.

Our Team

s our most valuable asset and we work together in an atmosphere of fun and respect. We support each other to deliver exceptional customer care and achieve our personal goals.

Our Business

provides a professional and transparent service for all property related matters. Our business is built on strong, ethical principles allowing our company to deliver outstanding service and results.